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Opportunities for Transitioning Military Personnel

Are you an active or former member of the military now transitioning into the civilian workforce? If so, you are not alone. More than 200,000 military personnel find themselves in that position every year, with the vast majority finding good jobs on career paths that meet their desires. The good news is that you are unique. Employers in the civilian world value the training, experience, discipline, and motivation that are offered by former military personnel. The bad news is that it can be difficult finding and effectively contacting those potential employers.

Having the proper skills and the desire to work is only part of the job-finding equation. The other half is knowing who wants those skills and how to let them know you are a potential candidate. That’s where a reputable staffing firm can be a big help.

Simply put, staffing firms are companies that provide qualified candidates (workers) to companies (employers) who are looking for good people to work for them. There are a variety of these agencies, which you’ll find in your local yellow pages under “employment” or on the Internet. Some may specialize in particular industries, such as accounting or hospitality, while others may specialize in specific areas, such as providing temporary day laborers. Look for a good general staffing firm or one that specializes in your area of interest. Beware of any firm that wants you to pay an up-front fee to find you a job. A reputable staffing agency should never charge you, the job candidate, for its services. Instead, they earn a fee from grateful employers for finding them qualified candidates.

Staffing firms offer a number of distinct advantages for military personnel or veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce. Whether you need immediate part-time work or are seeking a permanent career-oriented position, a staffing agency is a great place to start. They can help you evaluate your skill sets, prioritize your needs, and focus on your goals. With that evaluation in hand, they will match you with prospective employers who actually want to hire people like you.

Another advantage is flexibility. Want to simply submit a résumé and let the staffing firm conduct the job search for you? Need part-time work or temporary income while you wait for the right permanent employment? Want to bridge from part-time work to a permanent position? Want to try out an employer before committing to a permanent relationship? All of these arrangements and more are possible working through a staffing firm. They are also an excellent way to gain needed skills or experience in areas you need to bolster.

In addition, staffing agencies are great job resources for military spouses who may arrive in a new duty station not knowing the community or even how long they’ll be there. A good staffing firm will be able to help you find temporary, permanent, part-time, or full-time employment that meets your needs.