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Opportunities for Temporary Workers

Do you need a job quickly? Do you need flexibility when it comes to part-time work, the days or hours you are available, the length of time you can work, etc? Then a temporary worker position might be right for you. Many companies in San Diego today rely on temporary workers – employees who may work for a company for a day, a month, or a year on a temporary basis.

If you think that becoming a “temp” is right for you, find a good staffing firm. XL Staffing offers a variety of temporary employment opportunities and fills more than 450 such jobs every day. Find a staffing firm that specializes in the field in which you have experience or interest. These firms typically have the knowledge to understand your needs and the contacts to find you the job you’re looking for. Ask them questions: How long have you been in business? What is the market for someone with my skills? How many openings do you currently have for the position I seek? What makes your firm superior to others? In choosing a staffing firm, pay attention to how promptly your inquiry is addressed and how you are treated over the phone.

When you find a match, you’ll be asked to schedule an interview with a representative from the firm. Bring a copy of your current résumé as well as a list of references to the meeting. Once you’re offered a temporary position, not only should you review the basic job duties and objectives with your staffing manager but also clarify all aspects of the job with your on-site supervisor upon your arrival.

Throughout the assignment, seek feedback on your performance from your supervisors and those with whom you work closely. Requesting feedback and remaining open to guidance and constructive criticism will enable you to be more effective. Don’t be shortsighted. While the position may be temporary, the impression you make is not. Remember that even brief assignments can offer many professional benefits, including opportunities to make valuable industry contacts and enhance your skills. In addition, your performance could lead to a full-time position, if that is your wish. The more professionally you approach a temporary assignment and the greater value you add to the project, the more likely managers will be to comment favorably on your performance to your staffing firm or even make you an offer for a full-time role.