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Preparing Your Résumé

Example Resume

Your résumé is the primary tool for communicating information about yourself to prospective employers. Résumés follow a fairly standard format, which include Header, Objective, Skills, Experience, and Education. The layout of your résumé will change depending on the amount of work experience you have, as well as your level of experience in the field for which you are applying. If you don’t have much experience in the specific career field you are applying for, it’s best to detail your past work experience and relate the skills required in your previous jobs to the new job. Do not lie, and do not stretch the truth. Have quality copies made from a fresh master copy. Included below are explanations of each section of your résumé and a sample résumé outline.

The Header should contain full name and all necessary contact information. Provide at least one phone number. If you have a cell phone, give that number. Be wary of any e-mail address or website URL you provide as you may be judged on the content of your website or the name on your e-mail address.

The Objective or Qualifications Summary: Keep objective simple. Don’t write fluffy statements about your desire to change the world through this job. Try to convey why you should be hired—your desire, work ethic, etc. If you have solid qualifications for the job, list those instead.

Skills: If you have limited experience, list your basic job skills. For the more experienced, include as many of the skills that are required for the job as possible, including computer skills, knowledge of specific business software, even specific tasks that you know the job will require.

Employment History or Work Experience: If you have experience, always include your most recent work experience at the top and include all relevant experience no matter how old. If you’ve had many job changes or short stints at jobs, be sure to explain why, but do not blame the job or previous employer.

Education: Include full details on your education including degrees and awards received. Include any relevant training classes for previous jobs.